Sailing journey around Australia
six thousand nautical miles mostly around the main Islands in Australian waters

What a journey at my Fifities!

When I embarked on a sailing voyage where I spent ten months on the Pacific and to the Western Australia waters, my friends asked me: Have you sailed before? I used to say: no. Are you not afraid of it? My thoughts and answers were: I can’t say I’m afraid of something I haven’t experienced yet. What is your age? That was another question I was faced with at the time.

It doesn’t matter, if you are in full health, embark on a new journey, whatever it may be. I mean, no one will ever be at the top of their health, but at least feeling safe to take the risk of navigating the expected events and some unforeseen events that may come their way. In my sailing journey, I was practically in shape physically, but stressed from the unexpected and busy changes at the time. So I needed nature’s help to heal and replenish me to move on with my life.

I didn’t know I could face life-threatening situations like I did in the water. It’s no different, in life, when we’re walking on land either. There will be unexpected situations that we will have to deal with in life. We just need to learn that lesson to move on to the next one. There are no exceptions, just different ways. It doesn’t matter where you are, how old you are, but what matters is your willingness to learn, to live and to share, mainly because success is the natural result of your actions. Since we are born, we are subject to learning, without exception, instead of different lives and paths taken.

Navigating a business is also a journey. Whether with soft times or difficult circumstances to overcome. Whether with experience or not, like a child being raised by its parents/ guardians, or becoming independent and facing life to strengthen themselves, and win, or even being at a mature age without enough experience at the next tide, at the next sunrise.

How long does it take?

Life is an infinite source of learning, and every moment and experience we acquire will pave and serve us for the next step. We are all as valuable as gold. So the people we come across along our life journey are also the golden pieces designed to shine with us.

I measure my efforts carefully. This is never done by disrespecting my abilities. My main objective in everything I embark on, is to know that I am giving the best of who I am, the best I can be and the best I can do. And nothing better than wrapping each step with eternal gratitude after each reward collected along the journey. Thank you all for the imense contribution from this great community.