What is Ritual? And how it works?

According to the definition of the encyclopedia Britannica “ritual, the performance of ceremonial acts prescribed by tradition or by priestly decree. Ritual is a specific, observable mode of behaviour exhibited by all known societies. Thus, it is possible to see ritual as a way of defining or describing human beings”. If it is a way of describing the human being, it is necessary to address what that person does, how he acts and when it happens, and the reason for his action. My argument then is that the above definitions sound little contradictory, because if one also considers the performance of ceremonial acts prescribed by tradition or by priestly decree, it restricts the freedom of personal life and the desire to follow some repetitive acts like we do in the modern world. , the act of meditation, reflection in solitude and the journey to go within and find your own answers.

How does it sound to you, the facts of personal performance in everyday life?

It is plausible to believe that when a person performs any act in his life related to his physical body, such as going to the gym, minutes of reflection or prayer, such as through books, or simply following someone’s guidance, or even creating his own act habitual thing to do in search of balance or understanding of oneself and the world, the person is creating his own ritual and is living independently of religion or socio-political norms, or even cultural. Furthermore, if a person creates something to offer the community for the greater good of all, it does not mean that, because he is not part of a traditional group with specific beliefs, that person has to have a priestly status. This, then, is due to the simple fact of community and of sharing and exchanging gifts.

Giving some practical examples.

When someone decides to join a group for the exhibition of their theatrical performance, as a dance ritual of an indigenous people. It is correct to say that this person is attending a ritual, but it is also correct to say that he is participating in that ritual. But if the person decides for himself and decides to dance alone to rock-n-roll sounds in his house, he feels good every day because he loves to dance alone or play a musical instrument for 15 minutes in his room every day. This person is creating their own ritual, and so based on that premise, the ritual is a behavioural tool to manifest things that are not yet materialized but need to be focused on and practiced over a period of time. Another example, and it’s pretty personal how I came up with it. I like to work with the energy of the elements. I have adopted a set of thoughts and invocations of various energies and practice them in my daily baths as my ritual work with the element of water. I will certainly be referring to it here at some later point in my writings here until that is possible and in the order of my personal steps.

What brought me, and how did I end up here on this platform?

First, because I do creative and automatic writing. That means I don’t sketch things out, or plan what my next set of words will be, as a creative project, and second, I don’t control my mind, and my fingers go free on the keyboard writing freely. It seems that it has to come out in words, and believe me, even yourself, like me, sometimes we may not understand what it is about, sometimes if you try to use your channel in this art of writing. But is like that. The only feeling I got about it is that I know it’s going out to some people out there, and that it will resonate with my messages. I play no role as in traditional definitions of who shares good messages to whom, as in traditional cultural groups in society, by any political or cultural of any kind. I am a seeker, whose objective, through this journey, is to find myself first. And this is the form that develops in me and that I am guided to share with the public.

   Why did I feel compelled to define ritual here?

Today I started my writings, and I thought it would be from another project of mine. But suddenly the idea of ​​expanding my circle led me to this website that I am building with my creative thoughts. I hope to continue receiving useful techniques and insights and this allows me to serve anyone who resonates with me and can benefit from my gifts. I had started a twenty-one-day ritual of colours and sounds for Peace on Earth, which I can focus on daily, posting on the media platforms I am using. I felt and intuitively followed my inner guidance to get here and publish this work. I perform the singing bowl game as the main sound, while receiving words related to the energy of the day. Not only is this a respectful performance, which at the same time I offer support to the higher realms, but I also use it as my ritualistic therapy for my recovery from a mental breakdown I’ve had since last October, and I also find it a fun way to connect with my higher aspects, gradually and joyfully.

What is the practical motive behind this ritual?

This ritual is based on the energy and frequency of the moment I record the short videos. So when I listen and have the insights, I transcribe the energies that come to me from those colours and sounds right now. Hard when you’re listening, you’ll be clicking the day will resonate with you. You can read what I wrote there, and you will connect with your own insights and receive healing. So, you say well, but you say it’s for peace on Earth. The question was the same when I started making the sound and focusing on the colours, transcribing. The explanation I had was we cannot be separated, from the environment, from the cosmos, from the Earth, from our immediate surroundings, as energy we just need to aim to be the only one. Earth, air, fire and water are there and within us. So, the healing frequency reaches all of us at that zero point where we are whenever we perform the ritual. To build peace on Earth, we must be at peace first. In the end, in general, the purpose of rituals is to connect with something greater than what you already perceive and use that to create what you want.

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