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This site will involve, and explore the the step by step towards personal development, and growth, related to each of us, in one sense, or another. It can be from a scientific point of view: like the broad understanding of our physical existence. It will involve issues related to our mental state of  , our creativity, us beyond the mind, with what for many can be seen as fiction while for others a new perception of reality. You will also have disciplines on Relationship: either with others, or with the ‘I’. There is one thing that is important to highlight here is that our content is in no way intended to connote any specific form of religion or faith, but for a better understanding and considering that what will be covered here, and that it does not refer to a career, work, and relationships, we will also deal with cosmology and spirituality, more from a social, cultural and anthropological perspective.

This is just a point of reference for understanding our personal development process. Normally we think about situations, pondering, questioning, analysing, comparing, and judging everything that refers to people and circumstances. This is all we do about ourselves too. We question ourselves, we ponder our actions, our tasks, our abilities, and our attitudes. We analyze ourselves based on the data we collect and store in our minds. We often compare data about ourselves with data about other people and about circumstances and situations. We also tend to judge everything based on our reviews. We often do this in ways that bring us easy and sometimes difficult results. Anyway, all of this is related to a purpose: that of growth. The development of our growth comes from ourselves and can only be attributed to ourselves. So, we are referring to our ‘personal development’.

All of us as people are unique. This is scientifically proven through our DNA. Through this parameter that we take, we can find similarities in our cellular constitutions that bring us closer according to our genetic descent and this will give us the relativity between members of the same genetic family. This means that even belonging to the same biological family our DNA will never identify 100% in equality.

Therefore, if we want to develop ourselves, here we have a primordial task to fulfill working on ourselves as a persona. So far, we know that our development began when we were germinated inside the womb of our biological mother. This has not been proven otherwise, at any time or place in our history. Our biological body was formed and thus began our first phase of our personal development, and we know it. After thirty-six weeks, we came out into the outside world and we were introduced to this “outside world” as a person, we stopped belonging to our source of life, who fed us through a tube, in a physical, anatomic ways and being given the first phases of being independents as individuals. We departed from another personal survival system that was our mother’s. However, we can still consider that we developed in a parallel system of support for our lives, until we managed to break the first link towards the expansion of our existence.

Without further references to what has already been written in the previous paragraphs, and without distinguishing the readers’ intellectual levels, our focus is personal. This emphasizes a simple and clear reference that we are our own references as individuals, coming from our parents to our journey as individuals and human beings in constant experiences and growth. Consequently, we are our own evidence.

We are developing from when we first cried out for our needs before we learned our first language to express ourselves. In this process, we have already begun to demonstrate differences and functions that even today linguists around the world debate the standards and theories of the language acquisition, which diverge. Some, the so-called nativists, led by Noam Chomsky, and their theoretical opponents, the so-called behaviorists, with which early denotes our individuality. After we learn to speak, our communication begins to develop. And all the other skills keep developing and we never stop. When we learn to work in some profession, we improve and improve with time and practice. If we are to study, we graduate, and can keep going and developing further entitlements.  We live as collaborators or as those who receive collaboration from one source or another, and in this way, we also develop projects and tasks that teach us. If we propose to any kind of relationship, be it that of intimacy, friendship, any kind of commitment, we will be establishing circumstances that provide us with learning, and therefore we develop. If we participate in philosophical or religious groups, the same thing happens, and everything serves to develop us as a person. If we want to become independent in our professional career and set up our own business, we are developing as individuals in a professional, and personal ways first then expanding services and goods to others. It is all interconnected and associated with development and starting from the personal perspective. Whether in a group or alone, development is first associated with the person and then with the collective. This is why personal development deserves our attention and exploration constantly in a continuous motion.

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