About Elvira

Elvira Divina Fernandes is a true citizen of the world. She was born in Brazil, studied in Australia, and lived in Argentina before deciding that she wanted to return down under to make her home in Australia, she was boldly faced life’s challenges, including the adventure of moving to places where she knew nothing of the language or culture. But no matter where she was on the planet, she was also another journey, taking her to a more profound and intimate relationship with her God, her faith, and her sexuality.

Elvira Lived what many would consider to an ordinary life, as a housewife and mother, she dared to challenge cultural bias and her own self judgement to explore her belief that spirituality and sensuality can quite harmoniously inspire both the life and the body of a person of true faith. She found the courage and discipline to pursue and achieves her corporeal and celestial goals. She is currently working on her new book.

In her memoir, she proves that life can flourish and be quite refreshing – when you have the right attitude and a healthy dose of self confidence and self-love. Sailing through life: My life with God, Spirituality, and Sexuality is an inspirational literary adventure for woman of all ages who are eager to explore every aspect of miracle of life, love, and devotion. Elvira Divina Fernandes was born in Brazil, studied in Australia, and Lived in Argentina before returning to Australia. She has a degree in economic science from Brazil completed on 1989 – She is a Reiki Master since 2004, She has 5 poetry works published in 2007, 2008 . Her memoir was published in 2014 in Australia through Balboa Press Australia, a branch of the Hay House. She had kept her further studies in Australia completing her Diploma in Life Coaching in 2016, and currently she attending her her bachelor degree in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Western Australia in WA Australia.

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