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Hello, welcome, and thank you for visiting us and for allowing us to share our journey. We are here to expand our horizons, helping you as a coach, a friend and as a person who doesn’t want to grow individually, but just empowering and sharing life’s experiences, gifts and knowledge in the best possible way. It is in depth that I want to give and receive from others. I also want to invite you on a journey as a business partner on this journey with Wealthy Affiliate, which was very important for starting an online business, but not limited to that, I have been looking for this opportunity since before the pandemic. I’m in my sixties, but I’m still a part-time student. I continue to attend University, for my second degree and BA (arts). Among others, one of my passions is writing. As I always say, I am an eternal student, and the subject that has always enchanted me the most is personal development. Another of my great passions is helping people change their lives and careers by achieving their dreams, goals, and objectives. With what our societies and global system, after the pandemic, the opportunities to bring our passions with these changes have expanded and with more opportunities to work remotely and be able to enjoy our families more and have more time available for our personal care and pleasures that life offers us. With these opportunities we can work from wherever we choose. So, make yourself at home and continue browsing our pages for more details.

My mission

As an internationally accredited Life Coach since 2016, I want to help you by training yourself to:

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Espirituality
  • Business

And for those who resonate with me I will offer steps and techniques as well as the use of the SMART goal always with the client (you) being the center, the central star, with which and for which empowerment should be, always developing in the healthiest way It is sustainable as possible, with appropriateness and care in the process of developing talents and putting them into practice. For this we will use methods to identify the appropriate steps to connect with yourself and live life to your fullest potential and success. In parallel, or as part, for those who choose coaching in business, we have a platform which is proven to be complete in marketing, a school, step by step with security and community spirit with 24/7 assistance days of the week.

Purpose of my website

This site will not only provide you with involvement in making money online in a simple way, but it will also help you to release possible blockages that will lead you to sustainably succeed and steadily live a happier life. And with possibilities for everyone, in all human aspects, indiscriminately.

If you need help or have questions, feel free to drop them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

With gratitude and appreciation,

Elvira Divina Fernandes

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